Racing ABOUT CMO Group has a long history of supplying critical components for performance or aesthetic design parts to numerous world-leading companies in the supercar and motorcycle sectors, allowing them to develop the best performance on the road and on the racetrack. Production process Hot Forging Heat treatment Machinery Surface finishing Assembling other technologies CMO […]


railways MasperoTech supplies forged components, machined and assembled, for the leading train manufacturers in Europe. We act as the Client’s partner, developing efficient solutions geared towards weight optimization and the search for the best material combinations to achieve the best mechanical characteristics. The experience gained over a hundred years has allowed MasperoTech to become an […]


Electromechanical In our automated machining centres, we can produce forged and machined components for low, medium, and high voltage based on customer technical specifications. We make parts from bars, profiles, forgings, and castings in small, medium, and large lots. On request, we can also provide surface treatments, insulating sheaths and coverings. Production process Hot Forging […]