masperoTech checks and certifies

its processes and products.

Masperotech aims at achieving an increasingly high level of quality, both at a process level and for the final product.

In fact, quality is an essential element of our market, as it expresses the ability of a product to fully meet the needs and expectations of the Client.

We are skilled in finding solutions and implementing projects successfully, and this makes us leader in our field: our production processes and Quality System have been audited by major multinational companies in different sectors.

Process control

The hot stamping department is integrated into the company’s ERP: we can record the main process parameters in real time.

We believe it is critical to ensure the traceability of all production batches, which are individually identified by means of a bar code system that allows for rapid tracking throughout the manufacturing process, all the way up to shipping.

Quality Lab in Masperotech Monza

Product control

In order to ensure an ever-higher level of quality, Masperotech is equipped with advance control systems, both in production and in the final inspection, which allow for real-time checks on products and the best operation throughout the process, intercepting anomalies at the source:

Analysis laboratory

Finally, to ensure complete service to the client, we have integrated a laboratory where we can perform:

  • Macrographic analysis
  • Micrographic analysis
  • Tensile testing
  • Analysis tests on mechanical characteristics

We have also developed an automatic facility for liquid penetrant testing.

Quality Lab in Masperotech Monza
Quality Control in Masperotech
Quality control in Masperotech Monza