Thanks to CMO Group’s expertise and years of experience, MasperoTech recently set up its own machining department for the milling of medium and large parts in forged, bar and slab formats, especially for large-sized moulded items.

To date, MasperoTech can count on a very large fleet of machines for the machining of forged parts and also from solid parts with dimensions up to 4 meters and several hundred kilograms for applications in the Rail, Aerospace, Racing and Defense industries:

Our machinery pool

Our array of machines includes:

  • Horizontal CNC machines with 1250×1250 pallets and a working area of 2100x1650x1400
  • Portal CNC machines with a 5000x3000x1500 table and 5-axis tilting head
  • Vertical CNC machine with a 2500x950x850 table.
Machining department in Masperotech Monza
Machining department in Masperotech Monza


We can machine items weighing from a few hundred grams up to 4 meters long thanks to our 5-axis machining centres and 4×3 m worktop, with a loadbearing capacity of up to 25 tons, and horizontal axis machining centres with a maximum pallet load of up to 4000 kg.

Dedicated fixtures for the milling of the various parts are also designed and manufactured internally.