Heat treatments

Different types of

heat treatment

Research and experience over the past decades have led the company to refine different types of treatment in terms of temperature and timing, with the aim of best meeting the specific needs of our customers.

Different types of heat treatment

For aluminum hot-forged parts in the different alloys, heat treatment is required to improve their mechanical characteristics and obtain the required performance. The typical heat treatment to obtain the required mechanical properties of aluminum alloys is the so-called T6, consisting of solution heat treatment and artificial aging, defined by the standards of all aluminum alloys.

For about two years now, we have been adding additional furnaces that allow us to carry out different types of heat treatments (T4 – T6 – T7 – T8) in-house, giving the parts the mechanical characteristics required by the customer.

Heat treatment furnaces in Masperotech Monza
Heat treatment furnaces in Masperotech Monza


Heat treatment gives aluminium alloy items the essential characteristics they need in terms of use of the product, in accordance with the international standards for:

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