Strenghts & Values

our people

our customers

our technologies

our added value

our commitment

our approach

Teaching how to do a job is essential to create the future for both the company and all the people connected to it.

our people

the soul of the company

CMO Group is a group of people who find inspiration in making continuous improvements to manufacturing processes, engineering skills and business management.
Every day, we take small steps towards positive renewal and development, encouraging every person to actively contribute to the improvement of the whole company.

CMO Team of Bergamo Division

"I’m still studying to improve myself and I’m constantly training the most experienced employees so that they never take anything for granted and can constantly challenge themselves, especially towards the youngest employees."

bring solutions & be a partner

with our customers

Reliability plays an important role in our company.
CMO Group is constantly seizing the needs of its customers in order to provide them with innovative answers to the continuous evolution of the market. We want to be more than just a supplier, becoming a reliable partner for the entire supply chain and enabling our customers to achieve their goals along with our support.

our technologies
are synonym of

expertise and excellence

CMO Group offers excellent solutions in various specialist technologies and processes: milling, turning, punching & bending, hot forging, braze-welding, coating, laser and water-jet cutting.
We constantly invest in these processes in terms of both effort and research, making it one of the top players in Europe.

Accept the challenges, see the opportunities.”


added value

CMO Group is multi-faceted, offering a wide range of services whenever and wherever needed, at the right time and place, in perfect synchrony and proximity with our customers. Not only can we manufacture mechanical parts using varied production techniques, but we also provide many related services to facilitate and improve customer experience, ensuring a full and positive satisfaction.

Consignment Stock, Kanban, MAF, lot tracking, worldwide shipments, EDI: these are just some of the ancillary services we offer our customers.

our commitment for a

better tomorrow

CMO Group places a strong focus on care and respect for the environment, social commitment and solidarity. We translate these beliefs in many ways, including investment and support for various start-up businesses, ranging from those offering innovative methods of energy production to those focusing on systems to reduce environmental pollution.

"It’s always necessary to trigger a mechanism that stimulates co-workers and employees to give their best, not just for a question of budgets and turnovers, but to help them every day to be better than the day before."


human lean approach

What would technology be without humanity? What is humanity without a spirit of enthusiasm? We believe that enthusiasm is the engine of every business, and we promote a passion for work in our company.