MasperoTech Srl sets itself the ongoing goal of being one of the leading companies in the sector, and of standing out not only for its quality but also for its environmental aspects as well.

The company’s Management has defined the Corporate Policy and made it known internally by means of this document and the documentation of the Corporate Management System.

The other goals set in the Company Policy include:

  • Conducting business while being committed to abiding by the reference standards (ISO 9100, ISO 14001), laws, rules and regulations in force for our sector.
  • Giving precedence to suppliers who actively and continually seek to improve quality and environmental aspects.
  • Aiming to reduce the environmental impact of MasperoTech’s activities.
  • Disseminating environmental awareness among its Clients and Suppliers.
  • Pursuing continuous improvement of existing technologies, plants, machinery, and equipment, in order to improve quality and reduce risks.