Be a partner

Thanks to an extensive experience and a strong and technical know-how consolidated over time, CMO Group is able to offer efficient services with the aim of supporting the customer in product development, from the design phase to the final realization of the sampling.

Bring solutions, bring options: this is our philosophy. Producing components in order to reduce production costs, improve performance and offer alternative solutions are among our main business goals.



Thanks to the presence of several companies within the CMO Group, we are able to provide our customers with a wide range of technologies:

Machining department in CMO, Cesano Maderno
Forging press 12000 tons in MasperoTech, Monza


We provide an additional service to help our customers design new products or upgrade the existing ones, planning or improving components to reduce production costs and enhance performance, or offering new alternative solutions. Our technical design department will assist customers during the Co-Engineering phase to create both new prototypes and finished products
Simulation of one of our forged pieces
Engineering department of Masperotech

meet customers'

supply requirements

CMO Group offers a range of services specially designed to meet all of its customers’ supply requirements.

automatic line in our machining department in cmo bergamo division.
Raw Material Purchasing
Quality control
assembling test

Kit creation - Packaging - Auxiliary working operations


Kanban - Consignement stock