World Environmental day

On the occasion of World Environment Day, MasperoTech Srl is pleased to announce a number of initiatives that have been put in place company-wide to address the challenges of tomorrow, in creating a better and more sustainable future. This year’s main theme will be plastic pollution solutions, as part of the campaign #BeatPlasticPollution, and we are taking concrete steps to raise awareness and reduce the use of plastic throughout the company.

What we do:

Water dispensers connected to our water pumps, to avoid plastic bottles or any refill with plastic containers

In our canteen we only use steel cutlery and reusable cups and glasses

Wood and cardboard packaging to ship our forged pieces

Numerous studies have found that cellulose fiber-based packaging has a lower environmental impact than fossil-based packaging. In fact, plastic packaging has values ranging from 3 to 5 kg CO2 eq/kg, whereas cellulosic fiber-based packaging has values less than 1.5 kg CO2 eg/kg.

This is why we choose every day to use wooden pallets and cardboard packaging to ship our pieces, since they are far more sustainable than plastic packaging. In fact, based on a single trip, wood and cardboard have a « carbon footprint » that is 72 to 80% lower than plastic.