European leader in the aluminium market

This is the story of Masperotech, an excellence of monza entry by right in the top European players on the market of large aluminium forgings.

The company was founded in Monza in 1909 with name of Fonderia Maspero and maintains his family vocation for more than one hundred years. He had several orders, a trusted customers, but in the first decade of 2000 business takes off and the historic foundry enters into crisis. It has been saved from the abyss by one of its major customers, the group CMO, founded in 1985 by the family Ongis, one of the European leaders for processing mechanics of
non ferrous metals.

CMO has its head office in Cesano Maderno and branch offices a Carate Brianza and Bergamo, as well as in Tunisia.

A solid group that boasts an annual turnover of over 100 million euros and employs 350 people. The CMO group, after supporting for a few years Fonderia Maspero in 2018 takes, with great determination and foresight, the decision to acquire it. « In the beginning – he explains Claudio Ongis, president and founder of CMO group –
it might seem a risky move, but I saw the hidden potential of this company he just needed to do a qualitative leap, to take on a mentality wider and more successful « . Despite the difficulties in finding the necessary financing (“the banks did not believe that the operation was successful « ), CMO invests several million euro and clears all debts, pays suppliers and employees, (“during the restructuring not a single place has been lost of work « ) and begins to
give a face different to the company, introducing more advanced technologies, changing the scenario of the markets and the type of production and motivating workers.

“In four years we reinvested double the amount used for the acquisition – he continues Ongis- and already from the second year from the acquisition we had the balance sheet in profit, doubling in 4 years the turnover. The secret? We have brought a managerial mentality, paying attention not to lose the family values and the abilities of knowing how to do things typical of Brianza « .
“At Masperotech (which he deliberately kept the original name even with the addition of the suffix « tech » to underline the new technological vocation) – resumes Ongis – we continue to use of the collaboration of the engineer Ernesto Maspero, who is, without fear of denial, one of the best experts in metallurgy in Europe. A collaborator precious that he believed in renewal by bringing his own as a dowry many years of experience in the field of forging of non-ferrous
alloys « . A key year is 2019. « In that year – Ongis continues – we decide to aim for everything. The group CMO, to support and accelerate it development in new technologies, puts available to Masperotech a new substantial investment package. We order a new press hydraulics for hot forging of non-ferrous materials of 12,000 tons, one of the largest in Italy. It was a bet as it was three times larger than those already existing in the company, we build a new plant for heat treatments, we create our own inside a new processing department large mechanics and a metallographic laboratory to carry out the necessary tests on the materials and products « . But all of that still it is not enough: it is necessary to form one technical and commercial staff, as well as productive, valid and
prepared, able to « break through » on foreign markets.
The commitment is not lacking and in short yes form a capable and close-knit team.
Exams, however, are not just one joke, they never end and in the first ones months of 2021 the Masperotech is called to face a decisive challenge for your future. “We are contacted from one of the world’s giants of transport railway-says Ongis, a German company that asks us to make two particular components than the largest producer of forgings Europeans had not wanted to produce by claiming that would not have been possible make them by forging. We
instead we have not pulled back, on the contrary, following the technical intuition of the engineer Maspero, and adding ours willingness to accept challenges we immediately got to work deciding to take on every risk. After a year of hard work in overcoming the numerous obstacles we have presented the result to the client company who was so pleased to write to us a letter of mention that obviously fills us with pride to be succeeded where our biggest competitor « German » had given up, this recognition also has us allowed to enter a program
of suppliers of excellence « . If up to a few years ago the company addressed mainly to an Italian market today it exports 80% of its products abroad and wants more than ever focus on more distant markets and « conquer » the United States.

The challenges, therefore, continue and this year Masperotech launched a new plan of investments until 2025, to become increasingly competitive in the sector of the great forged. « After the arrival of the 12,000-ton press-stresses Ongis- we are looking forward to the delivery of an additional press from 7000 tons equipped with a new state-of-the-art oven, capable to produce aluminium components up to three and a half meters long no Italian company is able today to realize ». Within the next year the company – which now extends over one area of 37,000 square meters of which 18,000 covered-intends to widen further by 2500  meters squares and create new jobs. “Without a doubt to have entered to be part of the CMO group has created a great opportunity in Masperotech says Ongis-opportunity which, however, the company has grasped by putting
to good use its full potential. Well it is with pride that we can say that today in Monza, in the industrious Brianza there is a company, Masperotech that is on the podium of the best producers of large aluminium forgings in Europe ». A separate chapter employees of all departments deserve:
“An exceptional group – underlines Ongis – who was able to question himself believing in us and ours choices, capturing in the best of ways the opportunities that presented themselves.
With confidence and with respect too when the relaunch projects were alone on paper. As president of the group I would like to thank the engineer Maspero for technical and human support. He wanted to stay with us guiding us in investments and providing us his valuable advice.
Thanks special also goes to young employees who remained in the company by trusting us, by sensing the opportunity that was offered to them for professional growth and human « If we managed to reach our goals – he concludes Ongis- the credit goes to those who worked with commitment and sacrifice.