Hot forging is a process that reshapes metal, applied by means of a compressive force applied to a pre-heated billet, causing it to be reshaped inside the mould, thereby giving rise to the required geometric shape.
Forging metals is known to be a way of making stronger items than those obtained using other metallurgical production processes, such as casting and die-casting.


In particular, forging metals can increase the product’s strength as well as being able to modify the metal’s inter-granular structure due to the metal flowing during reshaping, and can be used to create a specific granular structure to increase the strength of the forged items.
For these reasons, hot forging of items ensures specific advantages in terms of their mechanical characteristic, compared to those made using other technologies such as casting or machining, with the removal of swarf.

New 12,000 ton press inaugurated in November 2020.
With this new press MasperoTech is able to forge parts 2700x1700 mm


Greater mechanical strength

Reduced machining

Structural integrity

Saving on material

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