For more than 100 years we have been working with metallurgy involving non-ferrous metals.
These origins and roots of ours, combined with our will to improve and explore ever new frontiers, have led to us to acquire a significant amount of experience and extensive know-how in the hot forging of Aluminium, Copper, and Titanium alloys. From the ancient artisanal tradition of the Maspero family we have inherited a taste for “doing things well”: in fact, the introduction of the most advanced technologies has made it possible to apply these values on an industrial scale.
We are the leading Company in Europe when it comes to hot forging non-ferrous alloys. We aim to create value for our shareholders, satisfy our Customers, and valorise all of the people who work here, while respecting the community within which the Company operates, the environment, and future generations.
We know that in today’s world the capacity to provide a wide range of services is essential for achieving success.
MasperoTech is able to provide Clients with a finished product ready for assembly, while seeing to surface finishes (painting, silvering, tin plating, etc.), heat treatments, right through to assembly either ourselves or via our extensive network of sub-contractors.


To be the leader in Europe when it comes to the hot forging of non-ferrous metals for complex, technologically advanced structural components, with sizes of up to a few hundred kilograms, in order to satisfy our Customers and provide profits for our shareholders. Also, to develop all our employees’ capacity and skills, while respecting the environment and future generations.


Our experience and will to excel and explore new frontiers has led to us attain excellent results and a high degree of know-how when it comes to hot forging technologies. Today we acknowledged leaders in the market, and can boast a very wide array of presses, one of which has a 12,000 ton power rating, the largest in Italy and one of the highest in the non-ferrous sector in Europe.
“To create and produce the best possible products” is the rule of our ancient artisanal tradition, a rule we apply to all aspects of our business, especially to our innovative production methods.
In 2018, MasperoTech became part of the CMO Group. The CMO Group is now seen as one of the leaders in Europe in terms of the machining of non-ferrous materials such as Aluminium and Copper. It works with the Politecnico di Milano on studying new conductive materials and the potential applications of same.
In fact, since becoming part of the CMO Group, numerous investments, modernisations, and implementation of Quality Control machinery have taken place:

All these investments have increased MasperoTech’s capacity to innovate

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