MasperoTech’s market diversification puts us in a position to supply a wide range of products of various sizes and types.



MasperoTech supplies forged components, machined and assembled, for the leading train manufacturers in Europe.

MasperoTech acts as the Client’s partner: we work with our clients to arrive at efficient solutions for optimising weight, while researching the best combinations of materials for attaining the best mechanical characteristics.

The experience gained over a hundred years allows MasperoTech to make complex parts: structural and safety parts, train couplings, carriage components, and simpler parts such as window frames.


With its UNI-EN ISO 9100:2009 certification, MasperoTech has developed numerous skills in the defence and aerospace sectors.

Along with the Client, we have come up with the best solutions and have achieved significant results in terms of mechanical characteristics: an essential element for these sectors.

By 2023, MasperoTech will also obtain NADCAP certification, which will allow us to develop our business in the aerospace sector.

The main materials used are: aluminium and titanium.


Forged, machined components for low, medium, and high voltage, made to the clients’ technical specifications, using our automated machining centres.

Bar parts, profiles, and small forged and cast items, medium and large production lots.

Surface treatments and insulating sheaths and coverings are provided upon request.


Many of the sectors listed above are using more and more non-ferrous alloy forged parts.

We are able to handle requests from our clients in any production sector, thanks to our quality and process excellence developed over 100 years in business.
In transport engineering (Aerospace, Railways, Racing, etc.), factors such as reduced weight and high mechanical performance are key.

With our team of engineers and our ever more advanced simulation software, we are able to help the client find the finest technical solutions to satisfy their requirements, and to work with them on developing alternative, more efficient solutions than those currently available.

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