Aluminium alloys are characterised by a combination of advantageous properties that allow them to be used for a vast array of applications.


The main characteristics of aluminium forgings are:

  • Light-weight: aluminium only weighs a third as much as steel
  • Medium/high mechanical characteristics: aluminium alloys can reach a mechanical strength of more than 560 Mpa. The yield point for the highest strength alloys is about 85% of their breaking strength
  • Versatility: given the various heat treatments that can be applied to them, and the various types of alloying, these alloys can be adapted to suit a wide range of needs
  • Durability: resistant to corrosion by the weather
  • Workability: due to this metal being highly machinable, it is very easy to process
  • Ease of assembly: the various aluminium alloys can be assembled using keenserts, screws, etc., and structural assemblies can also be formed. There are also alloys that can be welded by melting, and brazed
  • Excellent electrical conductivity: for the same cost and weight, aluminium conducts much more heat than any other metal, and its electrical conductivity is about twice that of copper

Its specific weight is about 2.7 kg / dm3



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