Production departments

The production of a forged or hydroformed piece consist of several steps. These include acquiring certified raw material, cutting, forging or hydroforming, applying a heat treatment, trimming and various other steps may be necessary, such as machining and surface finishing. Different departments manage each step of our production process.

Raw material warehouse
This is an area dedicated to the storage of the incoming raw material (extruded bars in different alloys), the bars are stored into the warehouse (2500 sqm), upon being checked and signed in by the quality control supervisor.


In the cutting department there are 10 automatic and semiautomatic sewing machines used to cut extruded bars at desired lengths.



In the Forging department (close die hot forging), 19 screw presses are installed with different operating powers (from 200 to 6,000 tons). Each press is equipped with one or two furnaces for the production of aluminum alloys or copper alloys items. Each press is controlled by a PLC, set to record all process parameters used in production.



In the Hydroforming department the following presses are installed:

  •  SCHULER press power of closing 3000 tons, 4000 bar inflator of hydraulic flow power

  • GIGANT press power of closing 300 tons and 1200 bar inflator of hydraulic flow power

  • two hydraulic presses closing with 100 tons



Heat treatment

In the Heat treatment department the following are installed:

  • plant which works 24 hours for solubilization, quenching and aging (1500 kg / day).  

  • 2 continuous carpet furnaces for solubilization and quenching of safety items.

  • 4 electric furnaces for ageing

  • 3 moving electric furnaces for heat treatment of special alloys



In the trimming department 10 mechanical presses with variable power (from 25 to 200 tons) are installed to remove any flash generated by the forging process.

Surface finishing

When the manufactured pieces are required to have a homogeneous surface finishing before the machining phase, they go through the surface finishing department. This contains the below machines, used to meet requested surface roughness:

  • 2 machines for sand blasting

  • 1 machine for the "tumbling"

  • 3 manual grinding stations



Machining is the process of chips removal on raw forged parts. It turn the parts into a product ready for assembling, whether it is a final product, or it is part of more complex items. These processes are performed according to the design and specifications of the customer.
The machining department are contains:

  • 9 CNC milling machining, 3 and 4 axes

  • 5 CNC lathes

Quality Dept

In the Quality Control Department, all inspections and checks at various production stages are performed using the following machines:

  • A semi-automatic plant for the liquid - penetrant test

  • 3 Hardness tester equipments

  • 3 CMM DEA

  • 1 FARO ARM and a Geomagic software with 3D system solutions

Tooling Dept

The Tooling Department has the task of implementing and maintaining the dies and accessories needed for forging and hydroforming processes. It is equipped with the following machines:

  • 4 CNC milling machines

  • 2 sparking electroerosion machines

  • 2 traditional milling machines

  • 4 lathes

  • 1 hydraulic press of 100 tons

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