R&D (Metal Foam - 3D Printing - Financed Project)

We strongly believe in innovation and we are pursuing many R&D projects. We are currently involved in:


  • The project, involving several European companies, has been financed by the European Union in the FP7 program (SEVENTH FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME). It involves several European companies
  • Urban-EV is a project for the construction of on electric vehicle prototype with two seats, through new manufacturing technologies and innovative materials. Safety is the top priority in the project, combined with weight reduction to improve the autonomy and maintain a level of occupant safety which is compliant with the current European regulations.

  • Maspero is in charge of few aluminum hydroformed parts



ORIG inal
        A dvanced
          M anufacturing for 
             I nnovation in metal sheet forming 

ORIGAMI is a project developed in conjunction with the University Politecnico of Milan for the development of a new process based on an advanced sheet forming method combining laser treatment and hydroforming.

  • The tests were performed on titanium and aluminum tubes or sheet in order to obtain components with bended profiles

  • The effect of a localized heat treatment operated by a suitable laser source is analysed during reasearch

  • The laser treatment is performed along the bending line in correspondence of the area subjected to the highest deformation in order to increase local deformability

  • This project involves us as well as other companies and the department of mechanical technologies of the Faculty of Engineering of the University Politecnico of Milan



A project financed by the European Union, APTOS is part of the HORIZON 2020 program dedicated to SME instruments. This project deals with the industrial scale-up of an Advanced tube forming Process though Thermal Optimization, enabling energy and manufacturing costs Saving (APTOS). The development of this technology has seen a collaboration with the University Politecnico of Milan, Fraunhofer Institute IWU in Chemnitz and the Italian manufacturer of presses GIGANT.
Expected benefits of this process:

  • High temperatures allow the metal to elongate to much greater degrees without rupture

  • Lower forces and pressure are required 

  • Finer details can be obtained

  • Both the die and the tube need to be heated

  • Almost every material can be formed



One of the most innovative applications of 3D metal printing is undoubtedly the possibility of creating parts in small series without having to invest resources in the construction of the dies, as requised with traditional metallurgical technologies. Additive manufacturing is a huge revolution for the future and an incredible challenge for the market. The combination of powder technology with laser welding opens up new opportunities, unimaginable only a few years ago.
In collaboration with the University Politecnico of Milan, Maspero is involved a R&D project in this field.



Metal foam is a cellular structure of a solid metal (aluminum) with a large volume of gas-filled pores. Aluminum foam is a material mainly composed by air (75-95%). Therefore, it is an ultralight material.
There are two types of foam: closed-cell and cell-foam filled with synthetic resin.

The features of metal foams lead them to be used where high stiffness-weight ratio and efficient crash energy absorption are required. The structures currently used to reduce the weight are tubular ones. A hollow structure has some drawbacks: it vibrates, resonates and presents with a low compression resistance. Filling the structure with metal foam is a great solution, as it takes advantage of the properties of both materials, the foam is used to fill the structure and the metal shell is used as structural container. The final result is a structure which absorbs crashes, damps vibrations and isolates from sound and temperature without giving up high mechanical properties.
No other homogeneous material presents the same lightness and properties.

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