Maspero FAQ

Why choose Maspero forged products ?

  • Our ERP system records in real time all parameters related to the proper and repeatable work of the machines.

  • Fonderia Maspero has 19 presses with different power exercise ranging from 200 to 6,000 tons.

  • The temperature control of the parts to be forged is performed in real time.

  • We control the temperature inside the furnace, which gradually heats the workpiece during the path on the conveyor belt.

  • The experience gained over decades of development of internal procedures makes Fonderia Maspero one of the most reliable producers of non-ferrous forged items on the market.

Is hot forging a cheaper technology compared to casting or diecasting?

No, hot forging is usually more expansive than other metallurgical technologies.
The higher costs are justified by the guarantees an much better performances other technologies cannot reach.

Can any item be hot forged?

Yes any part can be hot forged, but there are some important rules to be followed as:

  • Wall thicknesss

  • No undercut

  • Taper to take out the parts from the mould

  • Others our tech department can share with you

When hot forging is the most suitable technology to be used?

Hot forging is the best answer to 2 different kind of problems:

  1. Needings for the best mechanical properties.

  2. High quality in surface finishing.


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