The company and its history

Times are changing
Since the July, 1st 1909 Fonderia Maspero has been working in the field of non ferrous metals.
Our experience and the will to excel and explore new frontiers haves led us to achieve excellent results and a great level of know-how in the hot forging and hydroforming technologies. The company was established and continues to be run by the Maspero family. "Creating and manifacturing the best products possible" is the rule of our ancient handicraft tradition, a rule that applies to all aspects of our business, especially to our innovative production methods.


To become a European leader in the field of non ferrous metal hot forging, in order to satisfy our Customers and to return profits to our shareholders, while developing the skills and the competence of all our employees and,respecting the environment and future generations.


From project to assembly
‚ÄčWe are well aware that the ability to provide a wide range of services is an essential condition for success in today's world. That's why we pride ourselves in beinf able to act as prime contractor and supervise all subsequent processes from surface finishing (painting, silver, tin plating) to pre-assembling.

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